Memento Mori

Today some friends of mine lay their son to rest. A young man taken suddenly and unexpectedly. He was an upright, loving and godly young man. My heart is broken for their loss, and I can’t help but be struck by the stark reminder: remember your death. Remember that you are mortal, and that you do not know when your time will come. Are you ready to meet God today? Am I ready to make an account before God of what I’ve done with the gifts/talents he’s given me?

Life is full of challenges but is also full of rich gifts- family, friends, beauty, goodness, breath itself… things we cannot take for granted because they are finite. Would I want to look back on my life and found that I had utilized these gifts only half-heartedly, just drifting through life as comfortably and mediocrely as possible? Choosing vice because it’s easy and comfortable? Or living richly, choosing the noble things that are difficult? Choosing goodness, virtue?

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